Back to the gym

Out with the old... I first noticed signs of a foot injury in August. I started my new job in January. These were my two main reasons I decided to quit my old gym two months ago. Before that my gym workouts had been quite sporadic. Because of being lazy and the time off I have lost … Continue reading Back to the gym

Any Given Sunday: between winning and losing

Being an English gent.  I really don't understand what is going on in (American) Football.  But I know this - it seems to make a fantastic subject for films and has some great "inspirational speech" scenes Here is Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday. So how does this inspire? Whether it it sport, fitness … Continue reading Any Given Sunday: between winning and losing

Find New Fitness Challenges: If not now? When?

  One of my main fitness goals has been to find new fitness challenges. After having a prevailing foot injury, I thought I was going to end up finding an activity that would not put pressure on the feet. To my relief, the worst of my injuries are gone and now it is just effort to … Continue reading Find New Fitness Challenges: If not now? When?

I’m back!

It's frustrating having an injury that stops you doing what you love. In the past two years I have made a niche for being a 5k and 10k runner, with my times gradually improving throughout the years. My favourite shot of myself taken during a race Round July I was a bit broken down - … Continue reading I’m back!

Winners guilt

I don't really win much. I don't really win ever. It's not through lack of effort, but occasionally a combination of my hardwork, determination, luck and good decisions pays off. It's nice that hardwork does occasionally pay off because I put a lot of faith in it - usually to my disappointment this has not … Continue reading Winners guilt

It’s what works for you

In the lead up to doing Badass Mudder, I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos to get inspiration.  For some reason I am drawn to the YouTube comments, which seem to be the place for others to share their own insecurities or hatred. If you look at any crossfit video you probably will … Continue reading It’s what works for you

Hey ho, let’s go… insane at Badass Mudder

Hey ho, let's go... insane at Badass Mudder:  On a very hot, humid Saturday morning my friend Tom and I took part in the Badass Mudder obstacle race at the River Lune, Lancaster. We crashed over at friends, so had a pleasant 30 minutes drive through the country.  When we saw the Badass sign with … Continue reading Hey ho, let’s go… insane at Badass Mudder

Review: Jessica Ennis – Unbelievable

Review: Jessica Ennis - Unbelievable:      To inspire my training for Badass Mudder I have utilised my library membership reading the biographies of a number of athletes to inspire me and to get an understanding on the way of the winner. I started off with Jessica Ennis - Unbelievable. Unfortunately a few pages in you are … Continue reading Review: Jessica Ennis – Unbelievable

Teaching others hard work

I have been going to the gym for the last 13 years.  During that period I have ran for 12 years, only taking it more seriously recently to help with obstacle racing events. As a commitment to my fitness, I gradually improved my nutrition, which got me some great results and a little bit more … Continue reading Teaching others hard work

Burnout! Action!… So what next?

Burnout! The last four weeks have been disappointingly stagnant. Sometimes you can plan all you like, yet it does not transpire.  A number of activities I was working towards did not take place. I wanted to learn joinery but the course was cancelled, with no suitable alternatives on offer. An obstacle race I had been … Continue reading Burnout! Action!… So what next?

Four Steps To Incorporate Self-Improvement At Work

My job is pretty basic, once I learnt the role there was not much to challenge me. I realise I waste a good chunk of my day coasting and not doing anything towards self-improvement goals. When I think about it, it annoys and frustrates me, so I try not to think about it too much.  … Continue reading Four Steps To Incorporate Self-Improvement At Work

Major Series North: Review

On Sunday I took part in the Major Series, in the Northern heat in Wetherby.  The weather was sunny, although very windy, so it got cold quick if you weren't moving. This was my second obstacle race, with Spartan being my first.  The distance was more than the Spartan, being between 10-12km. There was an … Continue reading Major Series North: Review