Dealing with the Christmas blues

It’s Christmas!

But for some this can be a challenging time of year – they may be suffering a bereavement or loss, lonely or suffering from mental health problems.

Even simply saying a simple greeting:

“Happy Christmas”

Can feel like a slight.

If you have your reasons for not enjoying Christmas, then it’s difficult when you get the day shoved down your throat by consumerist culture since September.

To help deal with your feelings try the following:


Be self-aware

Accept and be honest with yourself on your Christmas struggle and avoid relying on other methods to deal with the pain such as drinking and drug taking.


Look after yourself

Focus on yourself.

If you let your problems consume you then you will be no help to anyone.

Exercise, seek help, make better dietary decision, set goals.  Anything you can find to build yourself up and cope


Reframe your mindset

In my post 4 tricks to take control of your emotions I mentioned self-talk, what our mind says to ourselves.

When it comes to Christmas be positive in what you are thinking.

Don’t tell yourself you are a Scrooge or a Grinch for not liking Christmas, simply say something like:

“I have issues with Christmas, but it’s perfectly acceptable not to be full of festive cheer”


Do things

Volunteer, take up a hobby, read.

The purpose of this, is to distract your thoughts from Christmas (so no watching TV or shopping).


How can I support someone with Christmas blues?

The most important part as an outsider is to respect people with their boundaries, if they want to talk, then talk.

If they want to be left alone, then give them space.

If you are concerned about someone and want to respect someone’s privacy, simply send them a message to the effect of:

“I don’t want to invade your privacy, but if you want to talk at any time I am here.  No pressure.”

And most importantly don’t make them feel bad for ‘not being into Christmas’


Need further support?

I recommend reading some of these resources:

Harley Therapy: The Christmas Blues – Why they happen and how to beat them

USA Today: Christmas Blues: Four Mistakes we make when comforting friends who are struggling

Mind: Christmas and mental health

Stand Alone: Festive Guide

Psych Central: Understanding and coping with the Christmas blues

The Telegraph: How to avoid the Christmas blues

Psycom: Holiday depression: How to beat the holiday blues


Suicide prevention

If you are really suffering, please talk to someone.

I have listed lines for various Anglo speaking countries (Correct 24 December 2019):

US: 1-800-273-8255

Canada: 1-833-456-4566

UK: 116 123

Australia: 13 11 14

Another year of Perfect Manifesto…

Thank you to all my readers for your continued support over the past year.

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

And if that isn’t your thing, then wishing you happiness and wellbeing in your future!

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