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This week I was honoured to be published on the website Addicted2Success.

Addicted2Success often features in the top ten of recommended personal development websites, so right now I’m on another stratosphere to know my words are now included amongst a codex of priceless information.

My article is called Are You Feeling Behind In Life? Read This and was written to inspire those who feel they are falling behind their peers.

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Image from Addicted2Success.com: Are You Feeling In Life? Read This

Check it out: Are You Feeling Behind In Life? Read This

Thank you to the team at Addicted2Success for giving me the opportunity to share my ideas. Please check out the post and ensure to check out some of the other articles over at addicted2success.com.

Any thoughts?

You can comment over at the article, though I can’t see them, therefore I’ve left the comments open here if you want to leave me any feedback – as always, I will respond.

Thank you for your continued support and faith through the years.

Wishing you the best in your success.

James @Perfect Manifesto

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10 thoughts on “Featured Elsewhere: Are You Feeling Behind in Life? Read This

  1. A well considered and compassionate post James.

    We all fall foul to comparing ourselves to others and it can lead to so much unhappiness, yet those who seemingly have all the boxes ticked can look at their lives and wonder, what else is there?

    I very recently read an excellent book by journalist Eleanour Ross called Good Enough that echoes similar sentiments to your own. She has had a couple of breakdowns and suicide attempts and questions a society that is all about getting it all as soon as we can and the need to excel in everything when in the vast majority of cases people are going to be ordinary. Which is fine, we need to be happy with living and absorbing life rather than trying to run headlong through it.

    Congratulations on your article,

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    1. Thanks Paul – I really appreciate your support and taking the time to check out the article.

      That certainly is a good perspective to look at from the other perspective – how many people who are “ahead” look back and envy someone for having independence and the option to have more freedom to choosing different things with their life?

      I’ll have to add ‘Good Enough’ to my growing reading list. My own approach is to set my own view of success so no endless pursuit of wealth, jobs or desiring what the neighbours have!

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