As we head into 2019 – the year which will mark the anniversary of my blog running for five years, it seems the perfect opportunity to reflect what I am grateful for.

To feel nothing but gratitude for the year to come is pretty poignant – I remember starting 2014, with feelings of dread as there was nothing to look forward towards.

The original conception of this whole blog stemmed from one small idea of a massive list of all my wants and desires in an attempt to find that hope.

That list soon refined as I learned more about myself – what was really important to me.  Going further my goals and ambitions have undergone further refinement, revisions, and additions throughout the years.

So onto gratitude…

It was a cold day outside, I was sat inside on my comfy sofa watching my daughter play as a strong gale battered the side of my house.  I still maintain a lucid memory of how warm and cosy it felt in the house and with it came a sense of gratitude for what I have built.

It seems so small in a world full of aspiration, but I was grateful how far I had come to meet my family’s basic needs – that I even had a family in the first place with needs to make.

I appreciate the small things and wanted to highlight what else makes me feel grateful.

My progress

When you set goals, the self-gratification part of you wants to get the results tomorrow and there are a number of times I could have just said ‘forget it’ and gave in.

There have been elements of sacrifice, avoiding the easy route and having to deal with the people that want you to fail, sometimes there have been set backs, but I have always managed to get myself back on track to keep moving forward and enjoy the journey

The end result – lots of lovely progress giving me a life I didn’t think was possible five years ago and I’m not done yet.

My role models

I have been blessed with having some great role models in my life, who have become great friends.  I am grateful for their support over the years.

Firstly there is my friend Tom, as well as knowing he always has my back, he has been a great influence as a Personal trainer bringing my fitness and strength to levels, I never thought I would reach.

Just over four years ago today I was interviewed by Jim, who gave me my first break in Project Management, in a project support role and since then he has gone above and beyond to support and guide me, giving me the confidence to help my career progress faster than I thought possible.

My wife

I am grateful for my wife, not just for the family that she has given me, but for her patience, understanding, and love to help get where I am today.

One of the things I have learned to appreciate about goals is they are very personal and to have someone who supports that is priceless.

When I come home from work and my daughter is in bed, I do feel guilty sometimes that I might then go and start working on my goals, but my wife has always been willing to encourage and support me to get on with it – she sees the bigger picture that I’m not someone who can just do nothing and recognises that my ambitions is an important part of my happiness and for that I am grateful.

As I look forward to the year ahead I remember that it was not always that way, it all started with a list of aspirations – most people call these New Year Resolutions, so I ask you simply if you know someone who has set New Year resolutions – don’t dismiss it, don’t be a condescending dick – support them, mentor them, encourage them – who knows where it will take them.

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