The New Year is a time for many to take action against the weight they have put on during the last year.

Too often these only last for a small period of time, with many resolutions not lasting past January.

There are various initiatives such as Dry January which attempt to aspire resolutioners to abstain from alcohol, all in the name of charity.

Cutting this can make a big difference in the individuals waistline

One of the best approaches to weight loss is counting your calories, but it can be a real burden on your time to keep doing this – only the most dedicated and disciplined can keep this practice up.

The Infographic below illustrates a simplifed approach to counting calories, meaning that last time is spent calculating and recording with a focus on doing.

If you are someone who struggles to maintain the recommended number of calories, this approach may help you:

<<this infographic is based on the post “are you struggling counting calories?  try this…” read it now>>


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14 thoughts on “Dominate Your 2021 Weight Loss Goals With This Simple Approach To Counting Calories

    1. Exactly! I never used to tally, but then when I started looking at what I was consuming I was like ‘I can’t believe how many calories are in this…’

      Thanks for your comment.

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      1. With me, it is not just the calories, but just how much food I consumed. Sometimes I would think I did not eat a lot because I only had this and that. But that is only in my head. Looking at the list says a different story!

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    1. Some weight loss programs do really have positive results, I did struggle with weight for some time and eating right through the weight loss program did help.  
      Note: Dieting and workout are the keys in losing weight.

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