I was talking with my future wife about our wedding.

“It will be here before we know it…” she said

She was right, it was nearly the end of May.  When we started making those plans it seemed like such a long wait.

And that got me thinking – I am 33 years old, how quick did those years go by?

I talked with the guy I work with, who I also happened to go to school with.  We were both shocked by the realisation that we had already got to over double the age of 16.

Fortunately I am in a position with what I have done and what I have achieved.  Although I could have used my time better in many aspects, I have at least done something.

I still know people who have achieved nothing, they talk about ‘tomorrow’ and talk of the future when they will do the things they want.  But they are playing a dangerous game.  No one knows how long they have.

For the inactive, unmotivated and lazy, time is one of the most brutual things in their life.  That is why they are in exactly the same position now as they were 10 years ago.

I would like to knock some sense into them, but a part of me knows this will be a waste of my time as it is only a lesson a person can learn themselves.

I think of my youth – I went to school and then went home and played on my Sega Mega Drive.

If a time machine existed I would go back and tell myself to get involved with things – join a club, become fit, try to cultivate relationships with friends, talk to that girl I crushed on in my class, prioritise your homework and conduct extra study to supplement your learning.


But time machines don’t exist, which is lucky as I am secure in the apathy I displayed to life in the past.  All I can do is make the most of today.

The worst mistake you can make with your life is to mock time, because that bastard always wins.


4 thoughts on “The Worst mistake you can make in life…

  1. Of course…proof read before posting….

    Cracking pot…could mean something entirely different…clearly there is a missing ‘s’ 🤔


      1. Yes indeed! As it went live my immediate reaction was…not very mindful here 😱

        How is it when you need auto-incorrect it totally fails to step in !!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Cracking pot James. Very if your face with much of my own thinking reminds me of a quote from Mr Crabs in Soongebob taking to Squidward who was putting something off until tomorrow…

    ‘What is today but yesterday’s tomorrow.’

    That comment stuck because it’s so true….and whenever Insee a post like this it just leaps back out.

    Thanks for visiting my blog too…kindness returned my new friend 🙃

    Liked by 1 person

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