I read a rather interesting post that took a bit of a self-deprecating tone about blogging.

Along with the feeling of insignificance that no one was reading their work, one of the authors concerns was that by blogging they were not contributing anything new.

From what I remember of the post they even said something like “I could just be another self-improvement blog passing on the same information.”

The reason it took me a year to start a blog was partly because I wanted to do something new and different.

Fitness was my main interest at the time, but by using the barrier of “I need to be original” all I saw where the hundreds of thousands of blogs, websites and YouTube channels that covered the area of fitness and nutrition.

Comparing myself to others that way I was always going to be inferior.

I thought: What right do I have to talk about fitness:

I’m not even qualified

Not as jacked as that guy

Not as lean as that guy

Have a poor diet in comparison

[Insert any excuses  I could think of here]

There just got to a point where I thought I might as well start writing something.  I never had the delusion I was competing with something like bodybuilding.com, I was just writing for pleasure and enjoyment.

I don’t have the physique or knowledge of Jeff Cavaliere but if I have something about fitness I want to post it won’t stop me

My insight into the issue of originality is that if you are wanting to do a profound original idea then you will be very much disappointed.

The trick is to find something and make it better.  Be more innovative, add a personal approach, find a niche.

“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.” 
– Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

Here I have talked about originality from a blogging perspective but it can easily be applied to other areas like the Business world.

Do you think Starbucks was the first coffee shop?  Apple was the first computer?  Enterprise Rent-a-car was the first car rental place?

No, all they did was take on someone elses idea and make it better, make it their own.

And this is exactly the same process that occurs with inventing.  You have things that are invented that are totally original, profounding and with the potential to change the world.

And that’s when the real innovation can begin.  With the invention of the steam engine by James Watts, a guy named George Stephenson was able to take this invention and create the steam train – the most important invention of the 19th Century.

Imagine if he had sat down and thought “Nah, everyone’s trying to invent something using the steam engine, I need to be original”

We wouldn’t have the ability to move across country so quickly today.

So don’t worry about whether what you write is original or not, whether it has been said a thousand times.  Throughout humanity there have been great people who have taken an established idea and managed to create something new and benefit society as a whole.  Perhaps it might be you?

Welcome to my blog the Manifesto of Perfection.  A non-groundbreaking blog where I have written about many areas from fitness, work, blogging and self-improvement.

All my thoughts are unoriginal.  I imagine what I write is influenced by things I have read from greater thinkers and my own personal human conditioning.

And going back to the “I could just be another self-improvement blog passing on the same information.”

Yes you could be, but the greatest thing about humans is our ability to share tried and test knowledge amongst each other until something new and original comes along to challenge that thinking, which eventually replaces it – then that becomes the established knowledge!

I am not going to stop out of fear that I am not saying anything new and neither should you.

9 thoughts on “Originality

  1. Your blog topics may not be original, but the insight and perspective you have definitely is. Talent and originality is OK but what really matters is passion! 🙂

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    1. And when I say “not original” I am agreeing with you in that there a lots of blogs out there about fitness, etc. Think of fashion and beauty blogs. There are so many. But it’s the content behind these blogs that matter most – which is definitely something you got going for you.

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      1. Very true passion matters. With the Internet we are over saturated with information so it’s sometimes finding the niche but even that may have been covered a lot. If so then find those people and build a community from them! Thanks for the comment Ang ☺


  2. I agree with you and with adampulman’s comment. I often thought to myself, “I have nothing new to share.” I guess
    “there is nothing new under the sun,” as the saying goes. If I look at my own reading/watching/listening habits, however, I see that if I’m really interested and excited about a subject, I’ll read multiple books, articles, blogs on it and watch many videos about it if I can. From each author I get a slightly new and different perspective. We all take in and process knowledge in a totally unique way, and I pick up something new from everything I watch, read or listen to. It may be the same message, but each messenger brings to it their own unique spin.

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    1. Exactly! My dad always said “if you don’t ask you don’t get” I take the view with writing that by sharing it someone might get some value from it even if to me it is established knowledge.

      Thanks for your comment Gloria


  3. Whilst what we share may not be wholly original there is always the chance that someone is hearing a message for the first time, or more importantly, the time that it will make the most sense and they can apply it to their own situation to have the greatest impact. There are plenty of lessons in life I never full appreciated until I heard them often enough for them to sink in.

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    1. That is very true I suppose speaking from a fitness perspective I still read things that have changed my approach to training and i think why I have not heard of it before – I probably have but not taken it in!

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