Hi all,

I have recently taken the time to update and add my ‘Where to Start’ page to the sites menu.  This is a place for new and established readers alike to have a look at some of my favourite posts since I started the site in February 2014.

I have broke these down into the following areas:

  • Creativity – Posts about writing, blogging and general creativity
  • Health – Posts about nutrition and fitness
  • Money – Posts about work and finances
  • Self-Improvement – Posts about goals, mindset, habits and generally living a better life

I will probably update this page again soon.  But please see a copy of the links on this page below to see if there are any posts that take an interest.

Finally thank you for continuing to read, liking and commenting on my site.  I appreciate all feedback!

All the best


Creativity – Posts about writing, blogging and general creativity

My attempts at being an open mic comedian.

If you write a blog here is why you should respect your audience

And if you are wanting to get more views/feedback – here is how I suggest you go about asking someone to view your blog

A post about writing your life story

Health – Posts about nutrtion and fitness

The time I wanted to be a Karate Instructor

The time I ran my first Spartan race and nearly quit

Everyone should have a six step morning routine

Why you should drop the latest advice from YouTubers and Fitness magazines and focus on routine

The Ten Best Weightlifting Exercises (in my opinion)

Have you just joined a gym?  Don’t worry we were all new at some point.  Here is my post marking my 15 years and reflecting on when I started.

There will always be haters when you workout.  It doesn’t matter if you are obese, out of shape, old, young or super fit.  There will always be gym bitches.  And if you are not sure this post explains why you shouldn’t fear the gym

Doing a race?  Here are some bad mistakes that people make on race day

Why the gym and having a race is the best place to be if you suffer from stress

Money – Posts about work and finances

One simple way to improve your job application

Answering the interview question – What is your weakness?

How about the time the British newspaper the Guardian asked me to be an expert on one of there online panels when I was completely out of my depth.

A story of a dog-eat-dog group interview that involved stupid activities like building a tower.

If you are young and have no idea what you want to be when you are older, don’t worry neither do most people.  Read this if you want future guidance – sometimes with life you just go with the flow

Why you should have an emergency fund

Self-Improvement – Posts about goals, mindset, habits and generally living a better life

Three attitudes to live a better life

If you want to make a change?  Here are two very simple steps to doing it

Achieve more in life by aiming higher

I have lived a privileged life and been protected from many nasty things in this world.  Read this about my first experience of death at the age of 19 and how it inspired me not to let my life get out of control.

We all want to live a better life.  Here is my attitude to living a good, happy life 

Why I hate bucket lists and why you should too


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