Are you someone who looks around for:

  • the “best” routines/workouts?
  • always seeks exercises for most “effective” results?
  • consumes lots of new ideas and thinking from the fitness industry, but sees little results?

Fitness success isn’t as complex as you think.

Whether it’s maintaining a good diet or a gym routine to achieve the goal you desire.

The rule of fitness success comes down to possessing these attributes:

1) Determination When you want to make changes, this requires determination – the ability to show up, day-in, day-out to work out. No Excuses! 2) Vision What do you want to get out of your routine? Why did you attend the gym today? Ask these questions to understand what you want and keep a consistent vision. 3) Routine Don’t change every week based on whims or fads – this impacts results. A good routine you follow every week, will give a clear measure of progress, leading to long term success. 4) Persistence Repeat the same programme for a prolonged period of time. Don’t skip workouts without a good reason! Inconsistency with attendance will impact your success. 5) Continued Learning Remember: no matter how good you are, you still have lots to learn. Utilise all resources to continue your education and improve results. Avoid information overload – this can cause indecisiveness to training.

Please do bare these five rules in mind, just by doing so I guarantee you will have more success than following the latest gimmick.

My post Clear, Persistent and Strong discusses how I followed these rules to make great progress in 2019 with my strength goals.

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2 thoughts on “5 Rules to Fitness Success

  1. Yes! I believe that even simple routines can get you great results. Just look at the convicts and their prison routines. I think the universal ‘best’ routine is getting over your damn excuses, lol. Thanks for sharing, James!

    Liked by 1 person

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