Following my post Are You Struggling Counting Calories?  Try this… I want to share some tips to help, as you go through the weight loss journey.

Keep track

When undertaking any diet plan, it’s good to know the efforts you are putting in are heading in the desired destination.

With approaches like my estimating calories approach, it’s even more important because it’s open to human error.

Regular checking will let you see progress and put in corrective action, if it’s not working.

Be patient

When you start a new diet and exercise regime you MUST be patient with your results.

On starting my cut, I weighed myself everyday – four days in I had lost a pound but was disappointed with the progress.

What more could I expect?  I had only been doing it for less than 96 hours, and at least it was in the right direction!

Weight loss, like anything good requires patience to get results.

You are the average of your weekly weight

If you are going to weigh yourself everyday – it’s worth remembering over such a short period your weight will go up and down, similar to how the graph illustrates below.

There are various factors to consider why it goes up and down, such as water weight.

And its always worth emphasising progress isn’t linear.

There are two choices – weigh yourself once a week or keep a track of each daily weighing and workout what the average of what your actual weight is.

Don’t compare yourself to others

This is a general rule for life – not just for your health goals.

My wife constantly points out Facebook friends who have lost 10lbs in a week on crap like Herbalife.

I can guarantee that 99% of these extreme results won’t last – once the individual goes off the plan the weight gets piled on.

Avoid fad diets and focus on steady progress.

NO losing half a pound doesn’t count

Okay I probably sound a dick about this, but there is no bragging rights for losing half a pound.  As mentioned there are many factors that can influence miniscule amounts of weight loss/gain.

It might be a sign you are heading in the right direction but stick to working in whole numbers.

Stop stuffing your face everytime you get a win

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory – a lot of people fail because they treat their dieting as a way of offsetting their overindulgence.

And… get back on the horse…

If you:

  • have a bad day forgive yourself and get back on the diet
  • overindulge on a meal forgive yourself and get back on the diet
  • have heavy night drinking forgive yourself and get back on the diet

Do you understand?

The worst thing you can do is say

“oh I’m having a bad day/weekend/week”, I’ll pick up again tomorrow/Monday/Next week”

That is the worst thing you can do and is a recipe to guarantee you will make little progress.

The long game

Weight loss is a long game, not a short one.

Keep accountable in your goal and focus on long term progress, rather than quick results.

If you have any further thoughts on getting through weight loss comment below.

Good luck!

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11 thoughts on “7 Tips to Manage Your Weight Loss Goal

    1. Thank you! Be patient is so important as unfortunately alot of people fall for the quick results of crash diets which aren’t sustainable.


  1. thanks for the good post. Well I liked the part which you advise to be patient. Most of us do not achieve our weight loss goal due to lack of patiance. please be patient. And you will reach the skies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Patience will do so much – it’s easy to get disheartened when you gets slow/no results, unfortunately the response can be to give up on something that is working!


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