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Check out some of the post highlights for September 2020:

7 Tips to Manage Your Weight Loss Goal

Following on from my post Are You Struggling Counting Calories? Try This…, please find some more tips to help you manage weight loss.

I discuss the importance of avoiding celebrating with eating when you get a win, comparing yourself to others and the importance of taking the long game.

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Read: 7 Tips to Manage Your Weight Loss Goal

5 Factors of Self-Guilt and How to Respond

I’ve had a bit of success this month and felt a bit guilty about how it impacts others.

This post went through the thoughts I had. and the responses I started to tell myself to stop feeling guilty!

Remember your life, is YOUR life!  So stop feeling guilty about doing things you want to do!

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Read: 5 Factors of Self-Guilt and How to Respond

All the Unseen…

Just because you do something, it doesn’t mean you have to share it online.

If you write something it doesn’t mean you have to share it online.

Sometimes it’s good to have private moments between yourself and loved ones.  This post explores how people’s willingness to share everything they do takes away from the integrity if significant personal moments.

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Read: All the Unseen

Dear Men: Stop Working Out a Response

I read a dumb article, which I’m still not sure if it was supposed to be satire.

This is the response I wrote to the author who seems to have a strange castration fetish – it’s also been my most well received new post ever!

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Read: Dear Men: Stop Working Out – A Response

Thank you all for your continued support!  Be better than yesterday!


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