No it’s not April 1st…

Did you know a woman’s immune system is designed to attack sperm?

Because sperm is foreign to a woman’s body, the white blood cells treat them as invaders, ambushing them as they enter the cervix.

As little as 20 of the original 250 million sperm can reach the fallopian tube.

How amazing is that?

If you’re here today as a living, breathing person, then not only did you win the conception race, you’re also a natural born survivor!

Therefore, I want you take this message – you are strong and resilient.

The day you were conceived you won a battle – whatever challenges life throws at you; you will get through!

Keep beating the people who want to stop you reaching your end goal.

Keep moving forward…

Keep being resilient.

Wishing you the best of success in whatever you want to achieve.


Post inspired by this YouTube Video:

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