When I first started this blog, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing

In some ways I still don’t know…

But I do know I’m better at this, than when I first started…

And that’s what you want in life, isn’t it?…


Originally a space to keep accountable to my goals, Perfect Manifesto also enabled me to provide my thoughts on that very broad subject “self-improvement.”

Inspired by various online masculinity thinkers, Perfect Manifesto was literally what it said on the tin, a manifesto all about getting better.

Getting Perfect?

Perfect was meant more as a joke, about the impossibility / thankless task of striving for perfection.

But at times during my journey, the ‘Perfect’ bit did go to my head – I could be quite unforgiving on myself if goals didn’t go to plan.

A fundamental mistake.

Self-improvement is about embracing life, not getting wrapped up in failures and worries about your own mortality.


Over the year, my focus has changed – firstly I avoid going into day-to-day details how my goals are progressing as this offers no value to you the reader.

And I’ve gradually refined what I write about.  Originally Perfect Manifesto had a category for everything that covered my goal ambitions.

Most of the categories got little love, and through the years I’ve made the decision to drop writing about them because of:

  • lack of knowledge / interest (nutrition)
  • not knowing where to take it (Creativity)
  • not really knowing what it means (Projects)
  • growing to hate writing about the subject matter in my free time (Careers / Work).


Since I created that site over six years ago, I’ve grown as a person, which is good…

Big events have changed my life forever – I’ve gone from single man to family man – when I started, I couldn’t have dreamed I’d be blogging about being a father!

Because of my personal changes, I now focus on the following topics:


Since I held my first child in my arms, my drive has been to be a more effective father.

My children motivate me to give them the best start in life possible, and my posts focus on being a better father and role model, family life, and exploring the range of rich topics on this subject – from evolving views on fatherhood to masculinity.


Health should be the main foundation of any personal system, if you are not physically and mentally fit then you will be unable to achieve other ambitions or look after your loved ones.

My motto when it comes to health is “it’s what works for you” and my posts are here to inspire you as I talked about mental health, fitness, the gym, and wellbeing.


Because Self-Improvement is an all catching area, I summarise this as

“Be better than yesterday”

There are so many things I could talk about like money and dating.  But these areas just aren’t my speciality.

Instead, Perfect Manifesto focuses on ideas and discussions to support your personal development around:

  • Confidence / Assertiveness
  • Mindset / Mentality
  • Goals

The road less traveled…

This is post is to highlight what the reinvented Perfect Manifesto is about, welcome readers old and new.

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7 thoughts on “Manifesto Reinvented

  1. It’s fun to see how our blogs grow and change with us as we grow older, isn’t it? I am in the process of completely overhauling my other blog and this blog (Shed Happens) is a result of my changes… I started occasionally writing about pets on the other blog, recognized that those posts got a lot of traffic and made the decision that they needed their own ‘space’. I definitely haven’t regretted that decision as I LOVE the blog that came out of that thought process!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s natural for what we want to write about evolve – as we go through life things change and so do our interests.

      I think it’s a good idea to declare your new interests as I know some of my followers probably aren’t as engaged in my new interests.

      Starting a new blog is also a good idea – best of luck with it.

      Thanks very much for sharing!


  2. Being better now than when you started is really all that matters. And none of us have any idea what we are doing at first. I can’t believe all of the things I have learned blogging this year.

    Liked by 1 person

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