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Check out some of the post highlights for July 2020:

Does Your Child Have a Technology Addiction?

Apps, games, and videos on devices are designed to keep you scrolling.

It’s easier as an adult to recognise when it’s time to stop, but a child struggles knowing when to put down the iPad.

Is your child addicted to their device?  Or is this just the usual fear mongering of the latest technology being ‘bad’ for the next generation?

In this article I examine the discussion in this area and suggest rules to encourage healthy usage in your child…

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Read: Does Your Child Have a Technology Addiction?

Why Do You Blog?

In this post I pose the simple question to writers – why do you blog?

Many get into the game for the wrong reasons and soon get trapped feeling the pressure to reach high vanity metrics.

Find your blogging why, and you will be driven and motivated to continue producing great content.

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Read: Why Do You Blog?

Don’t Be Last

Sometime when you win, you don’t get better.

Yet sometimes when you lose, you gain a lot.

This article explores motivation, determination and the good thing about finishing last…

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Read: Don’t Be Last

The No Complaining Challenge 2020

Because 2020 has been seen by many as a ‘bad’ year I decided to challenge you to try not to complain for the next three weeks and see what happens.

Everytime you fail (and you will) make a note of what the trigger is and set a plan of action in place avoid falling into this trap.

Are you up to the challenge?

> >Self-improvement

Read: The No Complaining Challenge 2020

Finally, at the start of the month I had the pleasure of hosting a guest post from Birth of Clarity.  Please do check out his article Digital Consumption Dilemma – this discusses the challenges technology is presenting on all of us.

Thank you all for your continued support!  Be better than yesterday!


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